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Announcing PointClickPay: Payments Designed for PointClickCare

CBOSS is thrilled to announce our newest product: PointClickPay! PointClickPay is an online billing and payment portal for long-term care facilities that use PointClickCare software. PointClickPay allows your facility to accept credit/debit cards and/or ACH payments from responsible parties from any device. Payment data flows seamlessly between PointClickCare and PointClickPay giving facilities up-to-the-minute results to track how resident accounts are being paid.

PointClickPay was built specifically to meet the needs of PointClickCare users. We did not bring an existing tool and try to make it fit. We built PointClickPay from the ground up to work seamlessly with PointClickCare out of the box, with product features that are driven by your feedback.

Multi-Account and Split Payments

One of the things that PointClickCare facilities asked for is flexibility for their responsible parties who will be making payments. There are many different scenarios for self-pay. Both parents could be in the same facility, or multiple family members could be splitting the bill every month. Our goal with multi-account and split payments is to make the payment process simple for those families.

Multi-Account allows one user to view and manage payments for multiple residents with one account. No more logging out of mom’s account and logging in to dad’s account to make payments for them every month.

Split payments allow multiple family members to make payments on the same invoice. We track the balance throughout the day to prevent overpayment and uncertainty, which saves time for your staff and simplifies things for the families.

Benefits for Facilities

PointClickPay isn’t just built for responsible parties, our goal is to help you create efficiencies in your financial workflows. We take the time to learn your workflows and pain points and help you overcome bottlenecks, slow pay, payment errors, and other common challenges that negatively affect your cash flow. Combined with our powerful reporting, you will be in control of your revenue cycle.

PointClickPay was also designed with security in mind. We offer several options for authenticating accounts, and are PCI Level 1 compliant, ensuring the safety of your residents’ information.

Keeping Costs Low

CBOSS and our processing partners are industry experts, with decades of experience. We have leveraged these partnerships to offer competitive processing rates to PointClickPay customers. We are confident that we can meet or beat your current processing rates.

Another way to keep costs low is to also accept ACH payments through PointClickPay. CBOSS is partnered with several national and regional banks for low-cost ACH payments.

Ready to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about how PointClickPay can help your facility with online payments, fill out the form below, or use one of the links below to view the PointClickPay or the PointClickCare marketplace. 

PointClickCare Marketplace