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CBOSS Completes Data Center Migration

CBOSS, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of the latest initiative in our continuing efforts to offer robust, scalable, and secure payment systems. To support our customers more efficiently and securely we have partnered with Iron Mountain Data Centers, for data center management and colocation services.

With this partnership, CBOSS has migrated all production systems to IMDC datacenters, offering numerous benefits for CBOSS and its customers:


Tier III Infrastructure

All production CBOSS systems are now operating on IMDC’s Uptime Institute Tier III rated infrastructure. This means everything from power, to cooling, to network uplinks are all fully redundant, and concurrently maintainable. All vital distribution paths are separated, eliminating single points of failure from CBOSS systems, to the outside world. Combined with CBOSS’ fully redundant network architecture, this means the highest possible availability and the least possible downtime for customers dependent on CBOSS services.



CBOSS always takes security and standards compliance seriously. We chose to partner with IMDC because they do as well. IMDC’s compliance framework for implementing PCI-DSS and SOC 1 / SOC 2 controls aligns perfectly with the CBOSS compliance framework; simplifying reporting, and ensuring all requirements are met, all the time.



CBOSS choice in data centers leverages IMDC’s high efficiency data center designs. This infrastructure makes it cost effective to offer maximum capacity, and scalabilty, and redundancy for critical systems and services.



With this new partnership, CBOSS has greatly expanded its scalability, eliminating barriers to serving customer needs on any size or scale; all without reducing redundancy or availability.



CBOSS has leveraged IMDC’s network of independently operated, geographically dispersed data centers to position ourselves for maximum availability and disaster recovery capability. CBOSS has colocated in multiple geo dispersed Tier III data centers within the continental United States. This helps us minimize the impacts of threats on virtually any scale, keeping us ready to serve our customers, in almost any circumstances.