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CBOSS Blog 2022 Recap

This year we wrote some great blog articles and wanted to take some time to highlight them. We do our best to bring you payment industry content that will help your organization succeed. As we transition to 2023, we plan to bring you even more regular articles on:

  • New features
  • Payment industry trends
  • Best practices
  • Payment process education

IVR: Your Secret Weapon to Happier Staff & Increased Revenue

there are numerous benefits to deploying a cost effective IVR solution to handle inbound payments, especially when paired with effective two-way communication. A well thought out and implemented solution frees up staff time, increases patient satisfaction, and enhances revenue.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Effective Communication

Technology has created many possibilities for automating patient communications to run a healthcare organization more effectively, as well as improve patient outcomes, participation, and satisfaction. Utilizing automated tools such as e-mail, text messaging, and IVR phone communications frees up your staff to focus on in person service and keeps patients informed and active in their care.

Getting the Most from Your Gateway

A simple way to envision what a payment gateway is to think of it as a funnel, a funnel for revenue collection that both mirrors our business processes and reflects how clients and consumers expect to make payments in the most secure and convenient methods possible.

HIPAA And the CBOSS Central Payment Portal – What You Should Know

At CBOSS, we take compliance seriously. In healthcare, this not only applies to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (commonly referred to as PCI-DSS) compliance, but also those requirements surrounding HIPAA as well. We’ve previously discussed the nuances of PCI-DSS in an earlier blog series, so feel free to refer to that for a detailed look at how to prioritize PCI. In this post, we’ll examine HIPAA, its role in protecting healthcare data, and finally its inherent importance surrounding you and your payment gateway.